Kingdom of Poland of the Piasts

Early Piast dynasty

9th c. Siemowit (disputable)
9th c.-10th c. Lestko (disputable)
10th c. Siemomysł (disputable)
ca 960-992 Mieszko I (duke)
992-1025 Bolesław I the Brave (king in 1025)
1025-1031 Mieszko II Lambert (1st reign, as king)
1031-1032 Bezprym
1032-1034 Mieszko II Lambert (2nd reign, as duke)
1039-1058 Casimir I the Restorer
1058-1079 Bolesław II the Generous (king 1076-1079; deposed)
1079-1102 Władisław I Herman
1102-1107 Zbigniew of Poland
1102-1138 Bolesław III the Wrymouth
1138-1146 Władisław II the Exile (overlord; exiled by his brothers)
1146-1173 Bolesław IV the Curly (overlord)
1173-1177 Mieszko III the Old (overlord)
1177-1194 Casimir II the Just (duke of Kraków)
1194-1202 Leszek I the White (1st reign, duke of Kraków)
1202-1206 Władisław III Spindleshanks (1st reign)
1206-1210 Leszek I the White (2nd reign, duke of Kraków)
1210-1211 Mieszko IV Tanglefoot
1211-1227 Leszek I the White (3rd reign, assassinated)
1227-1229 Władisław III Spindleshanks (2nd reign)
1229-1232 Konrad I of Masovia (1st reign)
1232-1238 Henry I the Bearded (duke of Kraków)
1238-1241 Henry II the Pious (duke of Kraków; killed in the Battle of Legnica)
1241-1243 Konrad I of Masovia (2nd reign, duke of Kraków)
1243-1279 Bolesław V the Chaste (duke of Kraków)
1279-1288 Leszek II the Black
1288-1290 Henry IV Probus (duke of Kraków)
1290-1296 Przemysł II (duke of Kraków 1290-1291, king 1295-1296)

Premyslid Dynasty

1291-1305 Wenceslaus II (king 1300-1305)
1305-1306 Wenceslaus III (king; assassinated before crowning)

Piast Unification

1306-1333 Władisław I the Elbow-high (duke of Kraków 1305-1320; king 1320-1333; all of his successors were kings)
1333-1370 Casimir III the Great

Kingdom of Poland of the Jagiellons

Angevin dynasty

1370-1382 Louis of Hungary
1384-1399 Jadwiga of Poland (crowned King of Poland; reigned together with her husband Wladislaus from 1386)

Jagiellon dynasty

1386-1434 Władisław II Jagiełło (reigned together with his wife Jadwiga until 1399)
1434-1444 Władisław III of Varna (killed in the Battle of Varna)
1447-1492 Casimir IV the Jagiellonian
1492-1501 John I Olbracht
1501-1506 Alexander the Jagiellonian
1506-1548 Sigismund I the Old
1548-1572 Sigismund II Augustus

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Valois dynasty

1573-1574 Henry Valois (abandoned the throne)

House of Bathory

1575-1586 Stephen Bathory

Vasa dynasty

1587-1632 Sigismund III Vasa
1632-1648 Władisław IV Vasa
1648-1668 John II Casimir (abdicated)

House of Wiśniowiecki

1669-1673 Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

House of Sobieski

1674-1696 John III Sobieski

Wettin dynasty

1697-1706 Augustus II the Strong (1st reign, renounced the throne in the Treaty of Altranstadt)

House of Leszczyński

1704-1709 Stanisław I Leszczyński (1st reign, emigrated after the Swedish defeat in the Battle of Poltava)

Wettin dynasty

1709-1733 Augustus II the Strong (1st reign)

House of Leszczyński

1733-1736 Stanisławs I Leszczyński (2nd reign, abdicated)

Wettin dynasty

1734-1763 Augustus III

House of Poniatowski

1764-1795 Stanisław II Augustus Poniatowski (abdicated after the Third Partition of Poland)


Duchy of Warsaw

Wettin dynasty

1807-1815 Frederick Augustus I of Saxony (the Duchy was abolished at the Congress of Vienna)

Congress Kingdom

Romanov dynasty

1815-1825 Alexander I of Russia
1825-1831 Nicholas I of Russia (deposed)

Grand Duchy of Poznan

Hohenzollern dynasty

1815-1840 Frederick William III of Prussia (represented by Duke-Governor Antoni Radziwiłł until 1831)
1840-1849 Frederick William IV of Prussia (the autonomy of the Grand Duchy was abolished in 1849)