I found an interesting document on Napoleon and the Legions and the Duchy of Warsaw which included an image of Lieutenant Jan Gnatowski.


Legiony i Księstwo Warszawskie

I obtained access to images of Przewodowo parish register book No. 877.  I have started to add copies of the birth/baptism images of family members.

This is the resource identified in Bronisław Gnatowski's research.

Wawrzyniec Gnatowski family tree is now combined with Franciszek Gnatowski.

Could this Wawrzyniec be the son of Jan Gnatowski and Teresa Gralewska?

We could use some help determining the connection.

With permission from the authors, I am finally adding the archaeological information published in Archeologia Polski (2009).

More of the published information to come...

While in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, I visited the Family History Center and was able to view church records from Poland.


I was exicited to find my great-grandfather's (Wawrzyn Sowinski) baptismal record.