Polish Legionnaire - Pawel Tytus Gnatowski

On the basis of:
M. Karpowicz - "Elita jazdy polskiej (Elite Polish Horsemen)"
R. Bielecki - "Szwoleżerowie gwardii (Chevau-légers of the Guard)"

Pawel Tytus Gnatowski

Born 29 June 1776. Joined the army of the Duchy of Warsaw; was appointed captain in 1807, transferred to the Vistula Regiment, he arrived in Sedan at the end of 1808. He took part in the Netherland's expedition, at the end of 1809 he left the infantry for the Vistula Regiment in Spain where he probably arrived in the middle of 1810. He served as captain of the 4th squadron of the 1st regiment. Transferred probably in August 1813 to the Main Headquarters of the Great Army; 05 April 1814 appointed chief of the battalion.

He was given the Knight's Cross of the Legion of Honor on 22 March 1812.