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Herbarz Polski Herbarz Polski Herbarz Polski
In 1872 Adam Józef Feliks Boniecki-Fredro (1842 - 1909), lawyer and civil servant, started his research on heraldry and genealogy in Poland. His first work was Kronika rodziny Bonieckich (1875), and his second - Poczet rodów w Wielkiem Księstwie Litewskiem w XV i XVI wieku (1887). In 1899, after many years of research, he began publication of Herbarz Polski.
Boniecki's work is more a genealogy of Polish nobility than of typical baronage. The author focuses on history of families as well as biographies of certain members. Although less attention is given to coats of arms, pictures of these are included. Entries are arranged according to names of families rather than names of coats of arms. In his reaserch Boniecki used only primary sources. This distinguished his work from many others which were based on family reports, that is, based on unverified sources. Volume 1 Spis Źródeł... (Index of Sources) contains descriptions of 130 documents where the author found information about specific people, including their public duties, and family connections. All reviewers emphasized Boniecki's unusual precision and reliability of information. This is especially important today since many archival sources were destroyed during World War II. The citations used in Herbarz are the only remaining sources of information.


In this text the following references about the Gnatowski family of the coat of arms Łada can be found. The first two entries concern families whose name is indicated as "Gnatkowski" and "Gnatowic". Only the third denomination concerns the family "Gnatowski". However, for the sake of the completeness, the first two entries are also shown here. A further peculiarity is the fact that the coat of arms "Łada" is true not only for the family Gnatowski, but for the family Brodowski as well.[1]


  • GNATKOWSKI Jakób Tomasz from the county Nowogrod, had a court hearing with Dembinski (1607) because of an argument and mutual offenses (Obligationum Krakau 34f., 573 and 589).
  • from GNATOWIC, in the Proszowice area, Klemens and Stefan, brothers, 1381 (St. Pr. P.P. VIII) were witnesses, when Mikolaj from Gnatowic sold a meadow in the year 1387 in Sandomierz. This sale took place in the village Szewce. This village, consisting of small landowners, was purchased at the beginning of the 15th century by Tenczynski, Castellan of Krakow. Walenty, son of Jakób, was at the Krakow University in the year 1434.
  • GNATOWSCY of the coat of arms ŁADA from Gnatów, from the county Zakroczym. Stanisław, Anną and Elżbietą, children of Falisław Gnatowski, were in the year 1552 offically placed under the care of a guardian (M. 80 f. 224). Stanisław, Wojciech, Jan and Paweł, sons of Leonard, in 1552, gave several different pieces of land in Gnaty to Luniewski as security for a loan (Zs. Droh.). Wawrzyniec, son of the Jakób, and Walenty, son of the Grzegorz, had in the year 1614 a negotiation with a Lisowski in Warsaw (DW 42. f. 995). Andrzej had the same negotiation in the year 1633.(DW. 48 f. 1343). Marcin had in the year 1620 sold his farm Zerzen to a Dąbrowski (DW. 46. f. 1067). Maryanna, wife of Pawel Gnatowski, had in the year 1644 sold the village Golędzinów to Kazanowski. Jan received from Wielopolski certain ground in Warsaw in the year 1666 (DW. 50. f. 478 and f. 867). Fabian, in the year 1690, sold for Wojciech some properties in the place Szczepankow, county Zakroczym (DW. 57. f. 836).

    Fifteen Gnatowskis from Zakroczym vote for August II: Kazimierz, Michał, two Walentys, two Szymons, two Jans, two Adams, Fabian Tomasz, Jerzy, Pawel, Stanisław and Stefan. Others participating in the election Stefan from the land Nursk, Wojciech from the land Warsaw, and Wojciech from the Sandomierz province.

    Wojciech Gnatowski married Agnieszką Bylino in 1642, Piotr married her sister Dorotą (Perp. Czers. 10 f. 340 i 12 f. 231). Aleksander, married in the year 1677 to Elżbietą Kłodzinski. From this marriage three sons originate: Mikołaj, Aleksander and Jan.

    Mikołaj signed a marriage contract in the year 1703 with Ms. Zofia Chrzanowska. His son Maciej received a sum of money in the year 1757 from his cousin Wawrzyniec (DW 55 f. 504 and 80 f. 173; Perp. Czers. 15 f. 500; 16 A f. 293).

    Aleksander, son of Aleksander, confirms the compensation for Mielecki in the year 1711 (Perp. Czers. 17 f. 308).

    Jan, son of Aleksander, signed a marriage contract in the year 1717 with Ms. Teresą Gralewska. In 1753 together with his son Wawrzyniec, who was burgrave [castellan] of Warsaw, sold parts of Osieczk and Przykory to Stokowski. (DW 62 f. 1264 and 74 f. 902).

    Maciej and Wawrzyniec, district bailiff and hood judge of Zakroczym, both signed the election of King Stanislaw August in the name of their villages and people. In 1877 Maciej moved to his manor Tworek. Aleksander, wife Walenty Puchały, a deputy judge in Warsaw in the year 1780 (Perp. Czers. 35 f 387 and Deb. Czers. 1 f 240). Walenty, district bailiff in Zakroczym in the year 1767. Błażej, mine supervisor [zupnik] in Zakroczym in the year 1785.

    Adam Skrzeczka Gnatowski, son of Stefan and Marianna Ostaszewska, sells a part of the property Gnaty in the year 1785 with agreement of his sisters Ewy Jozefia Sobolewski and Ludwika Jana Ostaszewska at Skarzynski (DW 101 f. 974). To Maryanna, daughter of Wojciech Gnatowski and Maryanna Ciechomska confirm the compensation for Puchula in the year 1758 (DW 80 f. 286). Bartłomiej, son of Wojciech, bought a part of the property in Slonczewo and Smietanki in the year 1780 of Osniałowski (DW 96 f. 945).

    Jan and Hieronim, sons of Andrzej, were owners of Bielic Rajski, in Łęczyca in the year 1576 (Paw.).

    In this area we look to Przedecki for further sources over Gnatowski: Wojciech, son of Andrzej, sells a part of the property Wartolki Dzierzbicki in the year 1571. Leonard and Mikołaj, sons of Jarosław processed with Pniewski in the years 1589 to 1607. Michael: (son of Jan, 1587). his sons: Jan leave its possession in the year 1622 for a Bielickiemu Szolajdy. Lucas, married with Anna Skrzynecka, confirm in the year 1620 a compensation at Makolinski (Gr. Przech. 20f. 202 35 f. 82, 37f. 517. 54 f. 111, 64f. 238, 66f. 107 and 164, 67 f 66 and 468).

    Jan, married to Zofią Boruchowska, litigates in the year 1645 with a Holowinski because of its goods in Knihynin (Bracl. VI 6 f. 418 R). Stanisław was the regional court executor in the year 1679 in the county Drohicyn. Józef, signs for himself and the Province Wolhynien, the Election for the king Stanislaw August. In the year 1779 he is Hardniczy [town warden] in the county Dzwinogrod. Antoni, vice regent of Kiev, was in the year 1787 a "Horodniczy Oworucki" [warden of the town Owrucze]. Michal, the commissioner for arbitrating the Wielhorski matter, from the Seym of 1775, vices-gerent court Kiev in the year 1788.

    Waleryan signed for the province of Minsk the election of King August II and Ignacy for Stanislaw August. Onufry, stable master of Minsk in the year 1775 (V.L.). Antoni, regent of a town in Minsk in the year 1783.

    Michal left 3 sons: Tomasz, Aleksander and Antoni. Of those sons and their ascendants following persons applied during the years from 1845 to 1867 to be noted in the nobility-register (Government Podole): Piotr and Antoni with their sons: January Boleslaw and Jan Maurycius. Sons of Antoni: grandchildren of Tomasz: Alban Rafal with son Julius; Augustin with children: Julia, Antoni and Ksawery, sons of Kasper Leopold, grandchildren of Alexander and Henryk with sons: Zygmunt, Paul and Stanisław. Son of Paul, grandchild of Michal, Jacob, Edward and son Thomas, grandchildren of Ignacy, and all three great-grandchild children of Antoni (List.).

    One of the members of this family is the priest, later prelate Jan Gnatowski, who worked as the pope's municipal in Munich. Oktawia, wife of Wladyslaw Lewandowski.
We find a further report on the family Gnatowski, however of the coat of arms Pierzchała in Gnatowice in the county Sochaczew:
  • GNATOWSCY of the coat of arms PIERZCHAŁA of Gnatowic, in the land Sochaczew. To this family belonged Abraham, pantler (court official responsible for setting royal table) of Sochaczew in 1435. He bought the village Szymanow for 500 gold from Prince Ziemowit. Stanislaw, his sons Mroczeslaw and Pawel, were at the university in Krakau in the year 1413. Stanislaw was, in the year 1412, people notary. Later he was a secretary of Ziemoweit, Archdeacon of Płock, chancellor of Mazovia, and at the end of the year 1425, also bishop of Płock. It died in the year 1439. He was also called "Pawłow from Gnatowic". Marcin Szyska from Gnatowic describes himself, in the year 1428 at the meeting of Radom, as noble. He was able to prove that its family in the coat of arms "Roch" carried and Gnatowski Pierzchała call themselves (Pis. Dz. pole IX).

    Elżbieta Gnatowski from Oleksow, widow of Jan from Gnatowic, receives from her children, Stanislaw and Anna, the place Niedarczow in the area Radom (Akta Rad. z 1459 r.) in the year 1459. Stanislaw acquires the goods Chojnow, in the year 1468 from Zielinski and was married to Jachną Chojnowska - castle Płock in the year 1471 (M. 5f. 10).


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