The Gnatowski family is an age-old Mazovian (Knight) family, which received the name of the land holding GNATY in the county Zakrosymska (Zakroczym) as the family name.

At the beginning of the 15th century, numerous branches of the Gnatowski family settled from here into all parts of Mazovia and Poland, especially into Lithuania and Volhynia. Amongst other places they created the village GNATOW, to the east of Warsaw in the territory Podlasie, from which they had to place two armed riders in accordance with a Lithuanian martial document. [1]
Since the beginning of the 14th and 15th centuries, the Gnatowskis settled in the main master village GNATY. Because of the large number of family members in the territory they also created the following villages:
  • Gnaty - Gromadze
  • Gnaty - Lewiszki
  • Gnaty - Wiesninany
  • Gnaty - Zarazy
  • Gnaty - Szcerbaki [2]
Further establishments of villages took place in the 15th century:
  • Gnatowo in the area Grabow/Lomscha
  • Gnatowo in the area Ketrzyn/Ritterorden country
  • Gnatowo in the area Lelis/Ostrolenko
  • Gnaty in the area Gozdowo/Plock
  • Gnaty in the area Klukowo/Cichanowiec (Drohicyn) [3]
Further establishments of villages could be determined from the sources:
  • Gnaty - Thopicewo/area Bielsk/country Drohizyn
  • Gnaty - Pietkowo/area Bielsk/country Drohizyn
From the places specified here the Gnatowskis, which spread into ever more families, settled into ever further areas. Today the name Gnatowski is common almost throughout Poland, as an investigation published a few years ago showed (see Gnatowski Surname in Poland (1990 and 2002).


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