Jakimówka, possession of the Gnatowski family. Front of the mansion seen from the driveway (amateur photo, Wojnarowicz).



(Government Kiev, district Taraszczan)


If your fate, dear reader, through emergency or accidentally, leads you in the area of the earlier district Braclaw, near the family estate of the Counts Czerwetynski and Zbarski - to Zywotow, you will find a wavy landscape, contrasting with the bordering Humanszczyzna with its steppes.

Like into an oasis on a hot summer day, the travellers are attracted by closely spread, beautiful, Ukrainian settlements with their green fruit gardens with crystal-clear river water, as usually found in quiet canyons.

One can see them very often, even though the new conditions and the American way of farming are bringing out, especially close to the sugar factories, a new kind of people, mostly of a non-descriptive character. But one can here also find such estates, where tradition and simplicity, combined with comfort of living and, sometimes amenities, are cherished, without claiming to be lordship residences.

One can feel that people living here didn't just see themselves as followers of the saying "ubi patria - ubi bene", but that they really loved their homeland, in which they also saw their emotional home. By building such spacious estates they didn't think just about themselves but also about always welcome guests and the motto "dulce et utile" which they followed all through their lives. The aesthetics of those estates, though functional, hasn't been forgotten.

One of such typical land estates in the Ukraine is Jakimowka, at present owned by Pawel Gnatowski. Earlier Jakimowka was part of the town Zywotow, from which it is now separated by the stream Ros.

The estate stands for a link between the old and new demands. Then even though the new owner of the distillery has seen to its improvement and progress through modification, has established rectification, has reconstructed watermills and built a roof tile facility, supplying sought-for and solid tiles, this all didn't hinder him in keeping consequently to already mentioned tradition and piety in its rare form.

Ploughing in Jakimówka. (amateur photo, Wojnarowicz).
Sluice with the view on court buildings. (amateur photo, Wojnarowicz).


The founder of this estate was the very much-liked Henryk Gnatowski. He has used so many creative ideas and his natural good taste by the construction of the family estate and has decorated the house in such an aesthetic way that the settlement belongs doubtlessly to the most beautiful in the whole area.

The admired Henryk Gnatowski was also the first owner of Jakimowka, its creator and at the same time its founder. He was truly a patriarch, loved and valued by everybody. This was the reason why, throughout some generations of the family, closer and distant relatives and acquaintances, it was customary to kiss the hands of the aged, hospitable man, especially on the occasion of his birthday.

On this great day they all came to Jakimowka, sometimes from far away, drawn not only by the famous hospitality of this man, but also because for them he was the embodiment of many bourgeois- and old polish virtues, marking this wonderful person.

Now a few words about the picture of this village. Special attention must be given to the path, leading in natural windings, between meticulously groomed roses and hedges, to the manor house.

It ends in front of the big manor house, with multi-storey building attached on the side. This building is characterized by simple and architecturally quiet lineaments and is totally embedded into green area. Its separate parts fit so well into an ensemble so that it looks like a friendly housekeeper, adorned festively to receive guests.

The mansion house fits the whole surroundings area. Behind it an old lime tree avenue leads in terraces down to the pier on the lake, on the horizon taking the form of a crest, running to a group of Italian cottonwood trees in the background. In this wondrous place, shortly before sunset, terrific water bird concerts, surprising the most demanding connoisseurs, can be heard.

The furnishing of this house corresponds with its outside picture in its meaning and charm of architecture. Among the inherited pieces the collection of honour awards takes a special place. "Virtuti Militari", "The French Legions of Honour", "Napoleon's Star" and many more, which have once belonged to the Grandfather of the present owner and his namesake, the honoured Pawel Gnatowski.

These high valued awards he has received during the besiegement of Saragossa, in the canyons of Samosierra and on other battlefields and in unaccounted combats. Through his heroic death near Daszow, he has left a name clothed in glory for the ascendants of his family branch.

I lack the space to write many more interesting details, concerning the whole estate of this wonderful settlement and building a very impressionable oneness. I dedicate this short report to my unforgettable recollections of the time I have spent there.


Skorowidz miejscowości Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej z oznaczeniem terytorjalnie im właściwych władz i urzędów oraz urządzeń komunikacyjnych

(Index of Placenames of the Republic of Poland with corresponding governmental agencies and offices, including communication facilities)

Miejscowość i jej charakter
(The town and its character)
Terytorjalnie właściwe władze i urzędy oraz urządzenia komunikacyjne
(Governmental agencies and offices, including communication facilities)
(Administrative district)
(Political district)
Poczta i telegraf
(The mail and the telegraph (phone))
Stacja kolej.
z odległością
(Railway station. with distance km.)
Najbliższa linja komunik. autobus. z odległością km.
(Closest communications line. bus. with distance km.)
Urzędy parafjalne (rz-kat., gr-kat., wsch.-słow., orm.-kat., pra-wosł., ewang., ew.-ref.)
(Parish offices)
(of a town)
Gnatowice, wieś Koniusza Miechów Kiel. Proszowice Kocmyrzów 15, Posądza (w.t.) 6 Kraków-Proszowice 5 Proszowice Kielce Koniusza r
Gnatowice, kol. Łazy Sochaczew Warsz. Teresink/Sochaczewa Szymanów 4.5 Błonie-Sochaczew 2.5 Sochaczew Warszawa Zawady r
Gnatowice, wieś Łazy Sochaczew Warsz. Teresink/Sochaczewa Szymanów 5 Błonie-Sochaczew 2.5 Sochaczew Warszawa Zawady r
Gnatowo, wieś Przytuły Łomża Białst. Grabowo k/Łomży Łomża 34 Szczuczyn-Stawiski 3 Stawiski Łomża Romany r
Gnaty-Gromadze, fol. Winnica Pułtusk Warsz. Winnica Nasielsk 14.5 Pułtusk-Nasielsk 3 Nasielsk Warszawa Winnica r
Gnaty-Lewiszki, wieś Winnica Pułtusk Warsz. Winnica Nasielsk 17 Pułtusk-Nasielsk 1 Nasielsk Warszawa Winnica r
Gnaty-Soczewka, w. Klukowo Wysokie-Mazowieckie Białst. Ciechanowiec Kity 12.5 Czyzew-Ciechanowiec 2.5 Wysokie-Mazowieckie Łomża Kuczyn r
Gnaty-Szczerbaki, w. Winnica Pułtusk Warsz. Winnica Nasielsk 14.5 Pułtusk-Nasielsk 3 Nasielsk Warszawa Winnica r
Gnaty-Wieśniany, w. Winnica Pułtusk Warsz. Winnica Nasielsk 16 Pułtusk-Nasielsk 3 Nasielsk Warszawa Winnica r
Gnaty-Zarazy, folw. Winnica Pułtusk Warsz. Winnica Nasielsk 15 Pułtusk-Nasielsk 2 Nasielsk Warszawa Winnica r
Jakimów, wieś i dwór Jakimów Kamionka Strumiłowa Tarn. Jaryczów Nowy Kłodno-Zółtańce 6 Kamionka Strum.-Lwów 8 Kamionka Strum. Złoczów Jaryczów Nowy r
loco g
Jakimówka, przys. Snowicz Złoczów Tarn. Płuhów Zarwanica 9 Pomorzany-Zarwanica 6 Złoczów Złoczów Ryków r
Snowicz g

Skróty zastosowane na oznaczenie Województwa
(Abbreviations of the Province)
Białst. = Białostockie Pom. = Pomorskie
Kiel. = Kieleckie Pozn. = Poznańskie
Krak. = Krakowskie Stan. = Stanisławowskie
Lub. = Lubelskie Śląsk. = Śląskie
Lwow. = Lwowskie Tarn. = Tarnopolskie
Łódzk. = Łódzkie Warsz. = Warszawskie
Nowgr. = Nowogródzkie Wil. = Wileńskie
Pol. = Polskie Woł. = Wołyńskie

Skróty użyte w rubryce: Miejscowość i jej charakter
(Abbreviations used in the space: The town and its character)
dwór, albo d. = dwór (mansion)
folw., albo f. = folwark (old farm)
kol. albo k. = kolonja (colony)
przys. albo p. = przysiółek (hamlet)
wieś, albo w. = wieś (village)


z XV i XVI Wieku


of the 15th and 16th Centuries)


85. Nowemiasto, 22 II 1453.
(Testes) Nicolaus de Obramb ducit testes - - 1. testis Janussius de Obramb, 2. t. Stiborius de Myeschki aMoria; 3. Petrus de Crziski, bOstogyeb, Dobeslaus de ibidem; 5. t. Nyemerza de Gnathy, 6. t. Boguslaus de Zavisti 1 - -
  Zakr. 3 a, 222v.
477. Wizna, 2 IV 1476.
(Vadium) - - inter nob. Nicolaum de Lawsk et suos filios ac fratres germanos patrueles et consanguineous omnes de armis Dolangy ex una et Albertum Mikutha de Gnathy et suos filios ac fratres germanos patrueles et consanguineous eciam omnes de armis Byenowyea partibus ex altera1 - -
  Zakr. 3 a, 222v.
497. Nowemiasto, 29 V 1477.
Vadium Sczepankowo.
- - inter nob. Gromadza1 cum filiis de armis Lady aab unaa et inter Albertum cum filiis partibus ab altera - - quam vadii penam Stephanus de Sczepankowo pro nob. Bro-
cum filiis de ibidem fideiussitb - -
  Zakr. 9, 221v.
677. Wąsosz, 17 IV 1488.
(Testes) - - nob. Petrus de Gnathouo inducit tes-
tes - - 1.a Paulus Laurencii de Przyborovycze, 2. Nicolaus Komornycovycz de ibidem: Grzymaly; 3. Paulus de Brze-
Szno, 4. Petrus Czachouicz de Brzesno: Grabycze; 5. Sta-
Nislaus Grandzycza de Grandzycze, 6. Zavyscha germanusb - -
  Wąs. 1, 324v.
817. Nowemiasto, 7 VII 1502.
Testes ducit nob. Mathias Byenk de Olbrachczicze - - 1. Andreas Jarpiska de Brodowo, 2. a Thomas de Sczepan-
de armis Ladi; 3. Paulus Paterna de Galansky, 4. Ale-
xius de ibidem de armis Junoshe; 5. Albertus Kothlouicz de Gorky, Petrus Czupczicz de ibidem: Szeligy - -
  Zakr. 17, 76v.
974. Nowemiasto, 24 IV 1522.
(Testes) - - nob. Procopius olim Alberti de Ponyathy debet ducere testes de trina genelogia - - Sheligy: Nico-
laus Erasmi de Gorky, Johannes Nyrka de ibidem; Lady: Mathias Jacobi de Gnathy, Nicolaus Johannis de ibidem; Jvno-
Sche: Paulus Abrahe de Skorosche, Andreas Ade de ibidem - -
  Zakr. 26. 18.
993. Wizna, 26 IV 1524.
(Testes) Idem1 - - testes | a ducere debet clenodiales: de armis Ladzicze: 1. Jacobus Gnath, 2. Stanislaus frater eius de ibidem; de armis Bvynovie: 3. Stanislaus olim Mscziszek Chrostowski, 4. Martinus olim Nicolai de ibidem; de armis Koscziesche: 5. Michael Johannis de Manczki, 6. Gregorius Mroczek - -
  Wiz. Gr. 1, 52.
996. Nowemiasto, 10 XI 1524.
(Testes) - - nob. Petrus olim Przybislai de minori Lampycze - - testes - - Jvnoscha: Andreas olim Thome de Ponyathy, Procopius Alberti de ibidem; Lady: Adam An-
dree filius de Lady, Johannes Alberti de Sczepankowo; She-
ligy: Andreas olim Nicolai de Gorky, Jacobus Johannis de alia Gorky - -
  Zakr. 26, 508v.
1034. Zakroczym, [1535].
(Testes) Nob. Johannes filius olim Jacobi Duchnyk de Po-
nyathy - - testes - - Junoscha: Albertus olim Jacobi de Ponyathy, Stanislaus Johannis de Ponyathy Camiona; Sche-
Ligy: Jacobus Sdzieslai de Gorky, Paulus olim Petri de Gorki; Lady: Nicolaus Mathie de Gnathy, Stanislaus olim Martini de Brodowo - -
  Zakr. teka 1, 227.
1038. Zakroczym, 2 XII 1536.
(Testes) - - nob. Andreas olim Bernardi de Gnathy Sczepankowo - - testes - - Lady: Adam olim Andree Miech de Sczepankowo, Adam olim Petri de ibidem; Juno-
scha: Stanislaus Abrae de Skorosche, Johannes olim Nicolai de ibidem; |a Sheligy: Johannes olim Johannis de Gorki, An-
dreas frater ipsius de ibidem - -
  Zakr. gr. 2, 45v.
1039. Zakroczym, 16 XII 1536.
(Testes) - - nob. Andreas olim Alberti Mazak de Gna-
- - testes - - Lady: Johannes Mathie de Gnathy, Fe-
lix olim Johannis de Gnathy
; Coscziesche: Paulus olim Pauli de Zalessie, Daczbogius olim Pauli de Zalessie; Scheligy: Sigismundus olim Pauli de Stpicze, Stanislaus filius eius de ibidem - -
  Zakr. gr. 1, 274.
1040. Zakroczym, 16 XII 1536.
(Testes) a - - Lady: Mathias oim Stanislai Stala de Gnathy, Jacobus Stanislai Zaraza de Gnathy; Dambrowy: Andreas olim Jacobi de Bielany, Jacobus filius ipsius de ibidem; Junoscha: Bartholomeus olim Ade de Ponyathy, Michael Olim Allexii de Ponyathy - -
  Zakr. gr. 1, 274.
1041. Zakroczym, 16 XII 1536.
(Testes) - - nob. Mathias olim Bernardi de Sczepan-
- - testes - - Lady: Andreas Jacobi de Sczepan-
, Johannes olim Petri de ibidem; Scheligy: Marcus olim Johannis de Gorki, Jacobus olim Petri de Gorki; Junoscha: Jacobus Ziolo Martini de Ponyathy, Niolaus Stanislai de Po-
nyathy - -
  Zakr. gr. 1, 274v.
1048. Zakroczym, 10 II 1537.
(Testes) - - nob. Jacobus filius olim Johannis Co-
pykoa de magna Gorki - - testes - - Scheligy: Sigis-
mundus Michaelis de Gorki, Michael olim Petri de Gorki; Juno-
sche: Przich Johannis de Skorosche, Bartholomeus Johannis de Skoroshe; Lady; Adam olim Andree de Gnathy, Albertus filius ipsius de ibidem - -
  Zakr. gr. 4, 121.

85. a-a dopis. b-b dopis.
1 Opuszczono herb [Łady].
477. a sic
1 Tymienicki, Procesy str. 180 przyp. 112.
497. a-a dopis. b sic
1 Por. dziś Gnaty Gromadze.
677. a wykr. Albertus b nie wymieniono herbu
817. a wykr. Vlodzimirus de ibidem
993. a k. 53v
1 Nob. Stanislaus Mathie de Zelechi, zob. Nr 992.
1038. a k. 46v
1040. a początku zapiski brak, więc niewiadomo, czyi to świadkowie, zapewne stawił ich Daczbogius olim Johannis de Cansche lub Nicolaus olim Petri Przibek de Gnathy, którym nakazano stawić świadków 2 XII 1536 (Zakr. gr. 2, 41 i 42)



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(The Targowica Confederation)


strona 124
Szlachta województwa mińskiego, odebrawszy listy konsyljarza Szteyna, nawołujące ją do konfederacyi, zjechała się do Krasnego Sioła na naradę. Dwudziestu sześciu obywateli, pomiędzy nimi komisarze cywilno-wojskowi mińscy: szambelan Stanisław Iwaszkiewicz, Józef Wołodkowicz, Onufry Gnatowski, Trojan Świętorzecki, wystosowało do króla memoryał z prośbą o radę i pomoc. Prawdopodobnie, nim nadejdzie odpowiedź króla, przymuszą ich do konfederacyi; uprzedzają o tem, żeby nie byli poczytani za zdrajców ojczyzny. Gdy pozwolą okoliczności, natychmiast zrobią reces1).

page 124
The nobility of the Minsk province, after having received lists from chancellor Szteyn calling them to a confederation, came to Krasne Siolo for a conference. Twenty-six citizens, between them civil-military commissioners of Minsk, chamberlain Stanislaw Iwaszkiewicz, Józef Wolodkowicz, Onufry Gnatowski, Trojan Swietorzecki, submitted a memorandum to the king requesting help and advice. Probably before the king's reply arrives, they will be forced to participate in the confederation, of which they want to inform in advance, so they won't be considered traitors of their country. Should the circumstances allow it, they will retreat immediately2).

1) Memoryał 10 czerwca r. 1792. (Militaria, t. VIII).
2) Memorandum 10 June 1792. (Militaria, volume VIII).

Gnatowskis and the Election of Polish Kings


The Election Lists are a further source, which provides us the names belonging to the family Gnatowski, for the election of the Polish Kings. In this function, the Gnatowskis following here are named. Under the Election of the kings Władisław IV (selected 1632), Michał Korybut Wiśnowiecki (selected 1669), August II (selected 1697), Stanisław Leszczyński (selected 1704), Stanisław August (selected 1764) and August III (selected 1733) were the following members of families with the name Gnatowski: [1]


SurameFirst nameSelected KingLand Representing
  1. Jan
  2. Stanislaw
  3. Wojciech
Michal Korybut Ziema Warschau
Gnatowski Adam Wladislaw IV Ziemia Chichanow
Gnatowski Alexander Michal Korybut Ziemia Warschau
Gnatowski Olbrycht Michal Korybut Wojewodztwo sieradzkie
Gnatowski Woyciech Michal Korybut Ziemia przemyska
  1. Franciszek
  2. Grzegorz
  3. Hilary
  4. Kazimierz
  5. Krzysztof
  6. Stanislaw
Stanislaw Leszczynski Wojewodztwo mazowieckie
Gnatowski Stanislaw Stanislaw Leszczynski Wojewodztwo brzesko-kujawskie
Gnatowski Tomasz Stanislaw Leszczynski Wojewodztwo Bielski
Gnatowski Zygmunt Stanislaw Leszczynski Wojewodztwo Mazowieckie

Further are named: [2]

Gnatowscy [3]
  1. Kazimierz
  2. Michal
  3. Walenty
  4. Szymon
  5. Jan
August II Land Zakroczym
Gnatowski without first name August II Land Mielnik
  1. Adam
  2. Adam
  3. Fabian Tomasz
  4. Jan
  5. Jerzy
  6. Pawel
  7. Stanislaw
  8. Stefan
August II Land Zakroczym
Gnatowski Stefan August II Land Nursk
  1. Szymon
  2. Walenty
August II Land Zakroczym
Gnatowski Waleryan August II Wojewodztwo Minsk
Gnatowski Wojciech August II Wojewodztwo Sandomierz
Gnatowski Wojciech August II Warschauer Land
Gnatowski Ignacy Stanislaw August Wojewodztwo Minsk
Gnatowski Jozef Stanislaw August Wojewodztwo Wolhyn
Gnatowski Ludwik Stanislaw August Land Mielnik
Gnatowski Maciej Stanislaw August Land Zakroczym
Gnatowski Walery Stanislaw August Land Zakroczym



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  3. [^]Despite the different way of writing of "Gnatowski" and "Gnatowscy" the author lists also "Gnatowski" to the second names under the common surname.


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Rymut, Kazimierz, GNATOWSKI nazwisko w Polsce:
(GNATOWSKI surname in Poland)

Entries in:

Słownik geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego i innych krajów słowiańskich,

(Geographic Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland and Other Slavic Countries)

F. Sulimierskiego, B. Chlebowskiego, J. Krzywickiego and W. Walewskiego,

Warszawa 1880-1902, volumes 1-15

Slownik Geograficzny