Słownik geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego i innych krajów słowiańskich

(Geographic Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland and Other Slavic Countries)

Volume II. 1881


Gnaty 1.), noble vicinities, containing villages: Gnaty-Gromadze, Gnaty-Lewiszki, Gnaty-Szczerboki, Gnaty-Waszki, Gnaty-Wiesniany, Gnaty-Zarazy, district Pułtusk, area and parish Winnica. In 1827 in Gnaty-Lewiszki there were 7 houses, 51 inhabitants; Gnaty-Szczerboki 12 houses, 73 inhabitants; Gnaty-Wiesniany 10 houses, 122 inhabitants, Gnaty-Zarazy 10 houses and 57 inhabitants, Farm Gnaty-Lewiszki according to a description dating 1841. The area was about 530 morgen (1 morgen - about 0,3 hectare). 2.) Gnaty-Soczewka - noble village in the Wysokie Mazowieckie district, Klukowo municipality, parish Kuczyn. In 1827 there were 6 houses with 44 inhabitants. 3.) Gnaty - village in district Ostroleka, area and parish Ostroleka. In 1827 there were 22 houses and 161 inhabitants.
Note: "noble vicinities" (okolica szlachecka) means a village or cluster of villages occupied exclusively by nobles, who may or may not have owned all or parts of these villages. Such "noble vicinities" are most typical of the Mazowsze and Podlasie regions.