Who remembers those years?

jadwiga_groupIn the December issue of "Wiadomści Barczewskich" we photograph showing participants library. Recall that in the written literature of many librarians and reading organizers operating in the interwar period in Warmia. There were less in the present-day municipalities Barczewo, many of which resulted in Polish libraries in the villages, among others: Barczewo, Barczewko, Kaplityny, Bartołty Wielkie, Jedzbark, Leszno, Łapka, Ramsowo czy Skajboty. There they worked and they studied as this way as on the route of librarians in May of 1938 in Olsztyn. We aren't mentioning surnames, because there are many of them.

We didn't count on the response. And yet, come to our attention that the sixth person from the right side, you are Jadiwga Gnatowska from Skajbot, which together with other librarians, including the area of our municipality, participated in a course librarians.

Ms. Jadwiga Gnatowska, daughter of Jan, born on 17 January 1917 in Skajbotach, to a farm family. In Skajbotach graduated from school in Warsaw, the Polish half-year course for teachers of kindergartens and the like at the University of the People's Dalkach near Gniezno. She completed scout and librarian courses in the Warmia and Silesia. Since autumn 1935 she worked as a kindergarten preceptress Polish in Nowych Butrynach, Olsztyń district. Then to 1939 was preceptress kindergarten and librarian at the Polish Chaberkowo (administrative area Purda). She led a community library and took care of the scout troop. In 1938 she attended a course for librarians in Olsztyn. She belonged to command of detachment in Germany Wschodniopruskiego ZHP. She passed all the scout ranks. From May 1939 to the year included work for the Union of Poles in Germany. After the outbreak of the war she lived in Berlin. And she was sent to forced labor. She died before the end of the war in 1945.

We appeal to our readers with the question - who in addition to Ms. Jadwiga Gnatowska took part in a course for librarians in Olsztyn?

W. Zenderowski


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