Jan Obit




Rows of distinguished fencers are thinning out in the fight for the Polish national identity of the Warmian-Masurian area.


In day 10 of July this year, in Skajbotach, of Olsztyn district, a farmer died JAN GNATOWSKI, having spent years 76. His funeral was held July 13 of this year in the parish cemetery of Klebarku Wielkim.


Dead, is one of the many hidden treasures of the militant National Warmia, who throughout his life - despite the different harassment - remained faithful to her.


The late Jan Gnatowski contributed to the maintenance of the Polish schools in Skajbotach, sent to her three children. One of daughters was nursery school teacher in Kaletce. In the interwar years, his home was Polish nursery school. He was a member of the Union of Poles in Germany, an activist and a regular reader plebiscite "Olsztyn Newspaper" and "Words in Warmia and Mazury”.


Representatives of county authorities took part in the commitment service from Warmian-Mazurian Tow. Spoleczno-Kulturalnego and Redakeji “Words in Warmia and Mazury”, laying a wreath on the grave of the deceased.


Over the open grave of the deceased he said goodbye, Alojzy Śliwa, his colleague from the school benches.

Eternal rest give it to thee, O Lord!




  • Słowo Na Warmii i Mazurach. No. 30/389/ 30-31 July 1960.