(When love was missing: memories)

It was his last letter. Closing words whom they struggled through over barriers of high walls and barbed wire. No longer will I have to go after a white house in a quiet village, which survived the happiest moments of my life. Through tears I could see him like in reality.

Summer, 1936. On the picturesque Gim Lake I conducted field games with the scout team. In New Kaletce there is the scout team name of Emilia Plater, whom I appointed two years before. It was in the period of intensifying anti-Polish terror. Nazi youth organization Hitler Youth Movement also acted in villages, peculiarly in the ones, where the Polish population predominated. Our team was in addition to teams from schools in neighboring Poland Chabrowie first team in Warmia.

At that time, when we played on the lake, a friend came up to me Władysław Bzówka, hesitant from longer already of time to the right of teaching at the local school. Some man kept him company. Bzówka introduced him to me. I learnt that he was called Józef Groth and he is referred by the Association of Polish School Societies in Berlin for the temporary replacement to our school. Current teacher, Pawl Trzciński had been appointed to the forced labor service. Whereas he took a class daily around Chabrowa with Ryszard Knosała. I greeted him, wishing for him to feel in our environment like best. He smiled he thanked, but right away he added that the stay wouldn't last for him longer than two weeks, because enough the time was transferred of it from the parent school in Podmoklach Małych, where 1930 is already for a year working, but generally speaking is employed in the education from the moment of the formation of the first Polish schools, that is from 1929.

- I hope that by that time I have the strength. The poor here, right? – added pointing to the village.

- And what from it, but people here are wonderful - I snapped out for my classes. Neither it didn't come to my mind, that he would just be my husband at one time.

The replacement prolonged him oneself till the half of the October, till the moment of the return of Trzciński. It was of us then four. Józek, Władek Bzówka looking forward still to the right to the teaching and the Koenigsmann Rose, young girl about the outstanding beauty, being at me on the practice. We spent all moments free from classes together. Very much we have often met with our neighbors around Chabrowa, around Jadwiga Gnatowska, team of local squad, and with Ryszard Knosała contemporary troop.


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