(Polish schools in Warmia 1929 - 1939 Review of memories)


Born 1927. Pupil of the school in Chaberkowo.Settled at present in Chaberkowo.

The report was obtained 5 August 1965 in Chaberkowo, ref. of the Relation – obno, DZ. ZB., Tasmoteka KH-UMK.

Anna Goetz, from the house Hermańska, before going to the Polish school in Chaberkowo walked to the Polish nursery school whom the nursery school teacher Jadwiga Gnatowska led. She attended the Polish school in years 1938 - 1939. On average about 15 children walked to the Polish school. At school she learned Polish, geography, accounts and handicrafts. He is saying that children from the Polish school could not often appear in the village, since right away they were attacked by pupils from the German school. Children received notebooks and textbooks at school free of charge. There was a Polish library by the school. According to her the Polish school was „far richer and more beautiful than the German school ”. At school a star and a Shrovetide were being celebrated.


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