(Biographical Dictionary of Warmia, Mazurka, and Powisla from the 19th and 20th Century (from 1945))

GNATOWSKA, Jadwiga (born 1917 in Skajboty, district Olsztyn) nursery school teacher and scout activist in Warmia. Daughter of Jan Gnatowski, farmer. She graduated from a Polish school in Skajboty, 6 month course for nursery school teachers in Warsaw and 6 month course at the Peoples University in Dalki, area Gniezno; later she completed several courses for scouts and as a librarian in Warmia and Silesia. Beginning in Fall 1935 she worked as a nursery school teacher at a Polish kindergarden in Nowy Butryny, district Olsztyn, and at the same time until 1939 she was there and in Purda Wielka - a librarian. She went through different scouting stages and on October, 27th, 1935 she became member of the East Prussian Scout Command. As a scout instructor (since 1937) she countibuted to the popularization of Polish scouting in Warmia. After the outbreak of the war she was in Berlin, later she was sent to hard labor.


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