andrzejakgnatowska Andrzejak-Gnatowska, Wacława (camp number 7718) was born 15 September 1921 in Chelm Lublin. Till the outbreak of war she was a secondary school pupil, at that time she was involved in scouting. In the period of the occupation she stopped by ZWZ, where she was a liaison. She was arrested on 21 July 1941, held prisoner in the Lublin castle, and from there on 21 September 1941 taken to the concentration camp Ravensbrück. In the camp she was subjected of medical experiments and on 23 November 1942 operated on by the Dr. Fritz Fischer. Liberation found her 3 May 1945 in the German village Parchim. On her return homewards she finished college. Till 1958 she worked as an economist. Since 1959 she receives special pension. She lives in Warsaw. Decorated among others: with the Knight's Cross of the Order of Poland Reborn, the Golden Cross of Merit, the Cross of Merit for the ZHP, the Partisan Cross.[1]

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Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP)

LilijkaZHPWhen the Second World War broke out, many ZHP leaders left the country to continue Guiding/Scouting activity among émigré youth. The Guiding/Scouting communities which remained in the Nazi-occupied country formed an underground organisation linked to the Home Army. "Trefoil Union" was one of the underground cryptonyms of the Guide Association and became well known, earning high respect from Polish society. Guides helped the weak, the poor, the homeless and children in need in different ways, and they participated in the Resistance Movement all over Poland. Polish Scouts continued their duty underground under the name of "Grey Ranks". Depending on the age they helped in distributing underground press, organised mail service and undertook many other tasks including armed fighting.


Jadwiga Gnatowska


She was born on January 17th, 1917 in Skajboty (district Barczewo) in a farmer's family. She was a scout activist in Warmia. Daughter of Jan. She graduated from a Polish school in Skajboty. Later she attended a six-month kindergarten teacher education in Warsaw and another one like it at the Peoples University in Dalki, district Gniezno. In the following years she attended scout training and librarian terms in Warmia and Silesia. Since fall 1935 she worked as a teacher at a Polish kindergarten in Nowe Butryny, district Olsztyn and until 1939 she was a kindergarten teacher and librarian in Chabarkow (district Purda). She took care of the day-room and a falk library there and also of a scout group. She was a member of the East Prusian Scout Kommand in Germany. She went through all the scout degrees. On October 27th, 1935 she became member of the Headquarters of the East Prusian Scout Group. Since 1937 she has been scout instructor. On May, 13th, 1939 she has joined the cause of Polish Union in Germany. After the outbreak of WW II she has lived in Konigsberg in 1940, in Berlin in 1942. Later she's been sent to do involuntary labor.