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The information for the Gnatowski family web site comes from research and personal family records from numerous family members. Worth noting are the research transcripts of Bronisław Gnatowski (read transcript), the genealogical documents of Waldemar Gnatowski, and the published works of Alfred von der Lehr (Die Gnatowskis. Die Geschichte einer masowischen Familie). The main focus is on the Mazovian Region of Poland; however, the intent of this web site is to exchange information regarding the history and lineage of the entire Gnatowski family - from all regions!

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We could use additional assistance with many tasks: gathering information, archive research, church records, translations, etc.  If you have additional information or would like to help, please contact us:

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Death in the (USA) family

Posted by Dennis (Denek) Gnatowski in Gnatowski Blog

Wojtek the Bear exhibit

Posted by Dennis (Denek) Gnatowski in Gnatowski Blog

First blog entry

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New and improved family tree display! You must be registered to view more detailed/private information.  I hope you like it.  Please let us know of any mistakes.


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